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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care, in the context of a Catholic school, is modelled on the person of Jesus Christ, who
recognised the dignity and uniqueness of each person and who, in his humanity, called people to
the fullness of life.

St Clare‟s aspires to achieve this fullness of living for each community member through the many
dimensions of Pastoral Care. These dimensions reflect the individual and communal nature of
Pastoral Care, and acknowledge spirituality as the very essence of what Pastoral Care is all about.

Pastoral Care:

  • is embodied in our commitment to Justice and our preparedness to speak the truth
  • is reflected in our willingness to be Loving, Forgiving and Reconciling
  • is revealed in our desire to be of Service to one another
  • is reflected in how each individual is enabled to find inner harmony and meaning in life.

Hence, Pastoral Care should be an expression of the reality of God‟s love in our school as
revealed in our commitment to building and maintaining right relationships.

Right Relationships:

  • are fundamental to effective learning and teaching and genuine Pastoral Care for all-members
    of the community
  • are those, which reflect the Gospel values of Justice, Truth, Peace, Forgiveness, Love,
    Reconciliation and Service to one another
  • are those which honour and respect individual freedom, rights and responsibilities of all
    members of the community
  • are an expression of our Love of God in all creation.


Download the St Clare's Taree Pastoral Care Policy here.