This is a group of students, teachers and parents from the St Clare’s community that actively collaborates to ensure a sustainable future for all. Members join in an effort to make a difference in the St Clare’s environment as well as surrounding communities. Our positive and active group has established solid relationships with members of the wider community who have similar objectives and lines of thought.

Since the Environmental Group has begun, there have been a number of students involved who sought to make a difference and contributed in the development of projects such as:

  • solar panels on the roof of the Maths/HSIE block
  • water tanks and pumps to catch and supply our grounds with a more sustainable source
  • a vegetable garden
  • working compost bins
  • establishment of a stable colony of native Australian bees to assist in the pollination process of plant species in our gardens
  • beautification of the street side of the hall with a variety of plants that will assist in reducing our carbon footprint.

As a part of the group, students become highly engaged members of the St Clare’s community. They develop skills that enable them to branch their environmental practices into the wider community to ensure ecological sustainability and intergenerational equality for our future.