St Clare’s High – a Catholic school serving the Manning Valley and its surrounds.

On behalf of the staff of St Clare’s, I extend to you a very warm welcome to our school community.

St Clare’s is a wonderful school with an excellent staff deeply committed to helping students achieve their goals and “get them where they want to go”.

Our school motto “Omnia Pro Christo" (All For Christ) places the education we offer within the context of Christ’s mission and the Catholic traditions of Saint Clare and the Sisters of St Joseph founded by Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods.

We recognise that learning is an emotional pursuit that has its greatest outcomes when parents, students and teachers form strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

St Clare’s excellent standing in the local community and its consistently high academic results are directly attributable to the positive relationships staff form with students and their families.

We place high expectations on our students. The wearing of school uniform with pride, care of our school environment, and the way we relate to others at school and in the wider community, are pivotal to the formation of well-rounded and spiritually centred young people.

One of the key indicators of a good school is that students are happy in their learning and are loyal to their families and communities. When this occurs in an environment where young people are suitably challenged and extended, then a school forms the basis of a tradition worth preserving and of which it can be proud. It is my belief St Clare’s possesses many of these qualities, which makes it an excellent Catholic school.

We look forward to growing in faith and knowledge with you and your family over the coming years.


God bless,

Peter Nicholls