St Clare’s employs 60 teaching staff and 18 support staff.

This includes a principal, two assistant principals, ministry coordinator, pastoral coordinators and studies coordinators, learning support teachers and learning support assistants, teacher/librarian, VET coordinator, careers adviser, gifted education mentor, Aboriginal education teacher, clerical and section support staff, canteen manager, IT support, grounds staff and cleaner.

A learning support coordinator and a registered psychologist are available to assist the school in assessing and addressing students’ needs. A registered social worker is also onsite as part of the Beyond the Gates program, which supports families in need.

A highly structured combination of professional development opportunities, access to quality teaching resources and experiences as well as an increased emphasis on wellbeing and parent engagement has been developed to increase student readiness for, and engagement in, learning. Curriculum differentiation ensures the needs of students are catered for at all levels.

The leadership team is responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the strategic and annual plan.

School executive:


Peter Nicholls

Assistant Principal, Wellbeing

Phillip Gibney

Assistant Principal, Learning & Teaching

Theresa Avery

Ministry Coordinator

Denise Ryan



Bruce Bielby, HSIE/LOTE
Peter Briscoe-Hough, Religious Studies Coordinator
Phillip Carney, Network Administrator/LT Coordinator
Phillip Chalmers, TAS Coordinator
James Collins, Year 7 Student Coordinator
Todd Curtis, Year 10 Student Coordinator
Bronwen Davidson, Year 9 Student Coordinator
Kerrie Davy, English Studies Coordinator
Mark Fletcher, Mathematics Coordinator
Karina Hogan, PDHPE Coordinator
Jason Koenig, Creative Arts Coordinator
Nicole Lovern, Year 8 Student Coordinator
Tim Masters, Year 11 Student Coordinator
Karen McCann, Careers/VET Adviser
Marian Parvin, Year 12 Student Coordinator
Jane Polson, Science Coordinator


Sandra Basile
Diane Bawden
Chris Beal
Michaela Boelling
Bernadette Boere
Laura Boere
Amanda Brooks
Maureen Busby
Niko Campbell-Ellis
David Clarke
Matthew Collier
Roxanne Dunn
Laurent Gonfond
Matthew Hanlon
Bradley Hart

Jeremy Hobbes
Callam Howard
David Hutchison
Megan Jacobsen
Cathy James
Philip Jirman
Michael Knight
Jennifer Kompara-Tosio
Lyndall Laurie
Simon Little
Wayne McDougall
Neal McKendry
Melissa Northam
Margaret O’Connor
Sheena O’Doherty

Mark O’Neill
Jamaya Pearse
Richard Petrucci
Stacy Posadas
Julie Rowsell
Edward Smallwood
Paul Smyth
Danielle Smyth
Philip Solomon
Leann Sullivan
Eloise Thomas
Lynette Tilbrook
Penelope Wood

Support Staff:

Simon Basile
Malcolm Cadd
Karen Elliott
Benjamin Gibbs
Racheal Grech
Maryann Hammond
Cecilia Harvey
Anne Havard
Karen Kelly

Tabetha Kempe
Cheryl Kingsford
Daniel Maynard
Gabrielle McFarlane
Priscilla McIntosh
Vince Ryan
Barbara Singh
Rhonda Stitt
Courtney Van Kampen