Our Mission: The Education of young people within the context of Christ’s mission and the traditions of Saint Clare and the Sisters of St Joseph.
Our Vision:  Catholic community that values and nurtures learning for all life.
Our Belief:  Community, relationships and teaching and learning for all life.
Our Motto:  All For Christ.

TAS Faculty aim

The aim of TAS is to provide a safe learning environment allowing students to develop values, skills, knowledge and understanding of technology. As a team, we further develop a fascination and enjoyment within our students of innovating and creating working solutions. Students will experience a core of design processes and contemporary technology. In the broader community, the application of these processes can involve the consideration of factors relating to organisations, people, environments, sustainability, materials, machines and systems, communication infrastructures, social and ethical solutions. In 2020 and beyond, we continue to embrace the faculty goal of implementing iSTEM and exploring the philosophy of problem-based learning. We aim to continue trialling literacy initiatives as part of our faculty goals, in line with the school push to enhance gifted and talented students and general literacy.


We aim to develop teacher capacity to improve student knowledge. This involves working collegially when analysing data to inform teaching and learning. Teachers will focus on the design process and use digital technologies to enable student learning.


NESA indicative hours observed

The faculty delivers:

  • 200hrs of Mandatory Technology
  • 100hrs of Technology, Wood
  • 100hrs Technology, Graphics
  • 100hrs Technology, Metal
  • 100hrs iSTEM
  • 100hrs Textiles
  • 100hrs Food
  • 240hrs Industrial Technology, Timber
  • 240hrs Industrial Technology, Metal
  • 240hrs Software Design and Development
  • 240hrs Engineering Studies
  • 240hrs Textiles and Design
  • 240hrs Food
  • 240hrs VET Construction Pathways
  • 240hrs Software Design and Development

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TAS Faculty Handbook

Please click on the link below to view the TAS Faculty Handbook

TAS Faculty Handbook - 2020