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Science Co-curricular

Linking Science

Throughout the year, students enjoy a range of co-curriculum Science experiences to provide extension and consolidation of their regular Science lesson content and experiences. These experiences also allow students to network with other organisations and develop essential links between the school and the community.

Science and Engineering Challenge

Year 9 & 10 students have the opportunity to participate in the Science and Engineering Competition in April this year at the Racecourse. The challenge is a project undertaken by the local Rotary Clubs and the University of Newcastle and it is wonderful to have their continued support for Science Education in the local community. Each year the accounts from the students and staff are that it was a wonderful challenge with a friendly, competitive atmosphere.

National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

The National Youth Science Forum is a twelve-day program for students currently in Year 11 who are thinking about a career in science, engineering and technology.

The flagship event of the NYSF is the January Forum. Until recently this event had been held exclusively in Canberra and hosted by The Australian National University. In 2010 the NYSF introduced a third session, in Perth, co-hosted by the Curtin University of Technology and The University of Western Australia.

Rotary has been in partnership with the program since 1984 along with the Australian Government, major industry, national research institutes and universities.

The most important aspect coming from the NYSF is a network of friends, colleagues and support groups throughout Australia, which will be of value to participants for the whole of their lives.

Inspiring Futures

The NYSF helps students moving into Year 12, who wish to follow careers in Science, Engineering and Technology by introducing them to research and researchers, by encouraging the achievement of excellence in all their undertakings, and by helping to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. It also fosters discussion of, and interest in major national and global issues and emphasises the importance of maintaining continuing active interests in sport, arts and music.

St. Clare’s High School, Taree, has a remarkable history in this program, with students achieving selection through to the forum and having marvellous experiences in the field of Science, meeting notable scientists and forming lifelong partnerships with other students and organisations.

Follow the link to find out more: National Youth Science Forum :: NYSF

Year 11 Biology Ecology Excursion

Students studying the Preliminary Biology Course are taken to Saltwater Reserve to conduct field research on the local rock platform. The skills involved in fieldwork and collecting data first-hand are invaluable and are an important component of the Biology Syllabus; not to mention the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wonderful ecology our local region has to offer.

Year 11 Browns Creek and Sewage Treatment Plant

Earth and Environmental Science students investigate the local environment during an excursion to Browns Creek and the local sewage treatment plant.

HSC Physics Experiment-Fest

Year 12 HSC Physics students engage in many wonderful hands-on experiences of the HSC Experiment-Fest at Great Lakes College run by the University of Newcastle. Students are able to access high-end equipment to undertake investigations directly related to their Physics Syllabus.

HSC Chemistry Bootawa Dam Study

Year 12 Chemistry visit the new water catchment and management centre at Bootawa Dam.

Big Science Competition

The Big Science Competition is a 50 minute competition of 30 multiple-choice questions held at our school. Both online and pen & paper formats are available.

The competition challenges students to think critically and solve scientific problems using everyday examples. The questions are aligned to the Australian Curriculum – Science.

Follow the link to find out more: Big Science Competition - Australian Science Innovations

Year 6 Orientation Day

Students in the local feeder primary schools have the opportunity to visit the school on its Open Day and experience what it is like to undertake experimental work in our laboratories. This gave incoming Year 7 2015 students the opportunity to take part in some exciting Science Experiments and spark their interest for High School Science.