St Clare's High School CrestCrest

St Clare’s school crest and motto hold a great deal of significance for the community.


Omnia Pro Christo

The motto “Omnia Pro Christo” translates as “All For Christ”.

The crest elaborates on the motto.

The central symbol is the “Chi Ro” – from New Testament Greek – the first two letters of the word “CH R” as in Christ, Jesus Christ.

It is placed on an open copy of the Bible, the source of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

The cross bar of the “CHI RO” signifies a boat sailing on the Manning River. It is also symbolic of the image of our community as a boat, just as the Catholic Church is symbolised.

Sailing in our “boat” are the members of the broader communities of the Manning, Great Lakes and Barrington as well as the families, including the staff and students of St Clare’s.

It calls to mind Jesus’s miracle of “calming the storm” on the Sea of Galilee for his frightened apostles. It also refers to Jesus calling Peter to walk on the water with Jesus as his saviour.

With our lives based on Christ and the Christian Scriptures, St Clare’s commits to a life lived “All For Christ”.