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HSC Results

Principal’s Comment:


“Congratulations to our HSC class of 2018 on their excellent results which are a fitting reflection of their efforts and dedication to their studies.  I particularly want to thank our staff for their excellent teaching and our parents for the fine support that they have given their sons and daughters and the school over the past six years.  We are proud of our students, staff and the St Clare’s tradition of achievement in the HSC, and excited for our young people as they begin the next phase of their lives.”


The 2018 HSC Examination results have, again, been very rewarding for St Clare’s High School students.


The cohort was rewarded with 117 Band 5 and Band 6 grades with outstanding results in Drama, Mathematics Extension 2, Advanced English and Industrial Technology (Timber).


Jennifer Wesley and Olivia Stewart received an offer of E12 early entry program for Sydney University.


Drama students, Kyle Chapman, Finn Fagerstrom, Zac Reid and Samuel Richardson have been selected for OnSTAGE.  These students will perform at The Seymour Theatre in Sydney.  Industrial Technology (Timber) student, Matthew Parvin’s Major Project has been selected for inclusion in the InTech exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.  Matthew is also on the NSW Merit List (9th in the state).  In addition, the cohort had 10 students listed on the HSC Honour Roll of Distinguished Achievers.  These students are Kyle Chapman, Abby Collison, Joel Dark, Finn Fagerstrom, Matthew Parvin, Samuel Richardson, Claudia Kukas, Breeannah Morris, Luke Strong and Jennifer Wesley.


For the 86 students in the Class of 2018, there were over 51 early entry offers to university.  Most of the students who wish to attend university have decided to accept one of their offers.


St Clare’s also saw a large number of students accept Traineeships, Apprenticeships, TAFE and employment.  Students have also been accepted into the forces for a GAP year or permanent placement.


According to the limited contact the school has had with students today, the student who is our 2018 Dux is Luke Strong with an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 98.00.  He is hoping to study Commerce at New South Wales University.


Top ATARs of which the school is aware at the time of media release:


Luke Strong                    98.00     Bachelor of Commerce at University of New South Wales

Jennifer Wesley               94.05     Bachelor of Sciences with Advanced Studies at University of Sydney

Claudia Kukas                 92.95     Bachelor of Medicine at University of New South Wales

Caitlan Tull                      89.25     Bachelor of Education at University of Newcastle

Ruby McIntosh               89.15     Bachelor of Arts/Education at University of New South Wales

Harold Last                     87.80     Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at University of New South Wales

Saksham Lama                87.60     Bachelor of Engineering at University of Sydney

Abby Collison                 87.10     Bachelor of Law at Macquarie University

Breeannah Morris            84.90     Bachelor of Commerce at University of New South Wales

Matthew Parvin               84.45     Bachelor of Building, Construction and Project Management at University

                                                      of New South Wales

Kyle Chapman                83.00     Gap Year

Clare Sephton                  82.95     Bachelor of Speech Pathology, University of Newcastle

Olivia Stewart                 82.70     Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at University of Sydney

Chelsea Green                 82.30     Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University

Jessica Smithers-Dunn    80.60     Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at University of Newcastle

Joel Dark                         80.25     Bachelor of Engineering at Griffith University


In closing, I am proud to say that the vast majority of our HSC cohort has achieved results which will enable them to pursue their post secondary school goals.





Peter Nicholls