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Year 12 Graduation Image

Year 12 Graduation

The Year 12 2019 Graduation Dinner was held on Friday, 13 December at the Winning Post Function Centre, Manning Race Club

OnSTAGE Selection Image

OnSTAGE Selection

Congratulations to Jenevieve Bawden who has been selected for OnSTAGE 2020.  This is a showcase of the most exemplary HSC Performances and indicates that a student has received per…

Camp Lutanda Toukley Image

Camp Lutanda Toukley

March 13, 14 and 15 saw Year 7 head to Camp Lutanda Toukley for their first high school camp.  The camp was a fantastic opportunity for the cohort to meet new people within their g…

Theatresports Competition Image

Theatresports Competition

Last Thursday St Clare’s competed in the Diocesan Theatresports Competition to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  This would involve us competing against a number of schools in the …

Shape Exhibition Image

Shape Exhibition

Matthew Parvin had his Industrial Technology (furniture and timber products) HSC major project nominated and selected for exhibition in Shape at The Powerhouse Museum

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