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Japanese Exchange

The exchange program with Kobe Kaisei Girls High School has a long and rich tradition that spans more than 20 years. The deep relationship that has developed over these years is testament to the commitment and passionate work of many staff both at St Clare’s and Kobe Kaisei. The importance and value of the exchange is supported by our communities and endorsed by every family who has involvement in the program.

The exchange alternates each year with teachers and students from Kobe travelling to St Clare’s one year and hosting St Clare’s staff and students the next.

Students participating in the exchange program are from Years 9, 10 and 11 and who are, in most cases, studying Japanese as one of their courses.

St Clare’s students have the opportunity to:

  • Welcome a student from Kobe Kaisei into their family;
  • Travel to Japan and be welcomed as a brother or sister into a family;
  • Immerse themselves in the beauty of Japanese culture;
  • Visit sites of cultural and historical significance in Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kyoto and Kobe;
  • Experience daily life in Japan; and
  • Experience school life and attend lessons with their host sister.

The exchange program enables the students to increase their ability to meet challenging situations, awareness of international matters and their role as global citizens. Students and staff have found the experience life changing, have made lifelong friendships and found a new family in Japan.