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Chess at St. Clare’s

St. Clare’s High School has an active chess community who regularly meet together to battle on the boards. Students participate in lunchtime competitions and social games every day of the week in the school library and vigorously seek to develop their skills through practice and study. Students across Years 7-12 enjoy the benefits of befriending students outside of their year group, and learning from one another.  

St. Clare’s participates in the Country Schools Chess Competition, and regularly travels across the Hunter region to compete against other schools. The school has achieved a degree of success within this competition, and continues to promote fair play and mutual respect between individual players and schools.

The school has established a positive relationship with one of our feeder schools, St. Joseph’s at Bulladelah, which has hosted a number of chess clinics. This program allowed students from St. Clare’s an opportunity to share the game with younger students, and actively teach them the basics and strategies associated with chess.

Educational Benefits of Chess

Chess has increasingly become the subject of academic research, which is demonstrating that through playing regular chess games, a student is able to develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and intuition. Chess also supports students’ cognitive development. Chess, as a game, can teach the importance of decision making processes and the consequences of poor planning. These skills are shown to be increasingly important in our fast-paced world, especially when students move into the world of work, as employers value strategic decision makers who can respond flexibly to an ever-changing set of problems.

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